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Free Creative Services

No matter what advertising option you decide on, we’re here to assist from start to finish, including providing free design services, giving your ad a crisp, professional look, all at no charge.

Weekly Banner Ads

Starting from only $25 a day, you can have a full poster, complete with hyperlink, featured on the Bernews homepage sidebar, garnering your ad tens of thousands of views each day.

Newsletter Ads

With our newsletter ads, you’re able to reach thousands of readers twice a day, seven days a week, helping your campaign to achieve the constant exposure that it needs to be successful.

Monthly Banner Ads

For those seeking long term marketing, Bernews offers a wide variety of ad positioning throughout our website, with spots to suit every marketing need, no matter your campaign’s focus.

Native Advertising

Available for premium and select clients, Bernews offers true native advertising, allowing your company to leverage our well-known brand in order to give your products and services the boost that they need.

Other Options? Just Ask!

As they say, nothing is written in stone, and we’re more than happy to work directly with you in order to customise a marketing solution with Bernews Network that works best for your campaign!

In addition to your ad showing on the popular Bernews website, it will also show across our entire network, including ForeverBermuda.com, BermudaElections.com, BermudaCovers.com, Bernews.TV, BernewsCupMatch.com, BermudaCovid.com, and BDADay.com offering your brand a one-stop shop and comprehensive online marketing programme!


The largest Bermudian video website, Bernews.TV features over 5,000 Bermuda videos spanning over a decade, all categorized in an easy to follow format.


With over 1,500 pages and a wealth of data, BermudaCovid.com is the most comprehensive website covering Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.


Showcasing Bermudian excellence and our tourism aspects, ForeverBermuda has over 25,000 social media fans in its own right, and is updated regularly to show the best of the island.


A data centric and useful resource, BermudaElections.com contains results, data and charts of Bermuda General Elections spanning the past few decades.


Bermuda pride is the genesis behind this network site, which offers hundreds of Bermudian-themed social media graphics and phone wallpapers for free download.


A 250+ page collection of Cup Match footage, fun, and history for fans in Bermuda and around the world, BernewsCupMatch.com is the largest dedicated Cup Match site online.

We love what we do, and it shows

As the island’s first major digital-native media and the first to deliver 24/7 coverage, we take pride in being the cyber standard. Since our launch in 2010, we have won the majority of awards in the area.

In this fast-paced digital age, people want their news delivered immediately and they share it instantly. However, not every source can be trusted—we all know that fake news can spread like wildfire just as easily. When it came to choosing the best source for local news, our judges unanimously voted for Bernews. With trusted journalists, respected columnists, live feeds and regular updates, Bernews is almost always the first to post breaking news and cover major events accurately and with integrity.
2017 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Source of Local News & Information, Best Source of Local News & Information
If you are looking for the latest breaking news or a wrap-up of the weekend’s events, our judges say the best source to turn to is Bernews over and over again. With news reports so fast it seems they beat the police to the scene, the website serves to alert the public to everything from traffic accidents to court decisions, political happenings and new store openings. With an app to alert you to breaking news and a consistent social media presence, Bernews ensures that Bermudians have access to the latest news and information right when they want it—immediately.
2016 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Source of Local News & Information, Best Source of Local News & Information
This 24/7 news source is constantly updating the island with the latest breaking news and lifestyle and entertainment stories, making Bernews a winner in this category.
News travels fast in Bermuda, particularly when it’s via word of mouth. But no organization does a better job of getting the news to the public at sizzling speeds.
2013 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Source of News & Information
Bernews is one of Bermuda’s most trusted sources for online news reporting…making it the number-one place where Bermudians go to get their news fix.
2013 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Local Website
Bernews is quickly launching Bermuda into the modern age of journalism. Its constant stream of interactive media is updated twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, giving everyone on the island access to news when they need it.
2012 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Local Website
So what is it that makes Bernews a hotspot for news and information? Its simplicity, insist our judges. One of our judges even posed the question: “Who doesn’t get up every day and get their news from Bernews?”.
2011 Product and Services Awards, Functioning Business Website
Bernews.com is, without a doubt, the best local website. Since its launch, Bernews has quickly become the most trusted online news source in Bermuda, releasing breaking news before anyone else.
2011 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Local Website
More and more people get their news from online sources, steadily rising above all the other digital news sites is Bernews.
2011 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Source of News & Information
Our judges awarded Bernews.com with the Award of Excellence for the exceptional job they do in providing news coverage of our island.
2011 Award of Excellence, Best Local Website
A local website that is successful, innovative and evolving to meet the increasing sophistication of the market.
2010 TechWeek Award, Best Website

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