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Breaking News Alerts

Optional push notifications help you keep up with the latest Bermuda news.


Access all the latest Bermuda videos in easy to sort categories.


Listen to the latest Bernews podcasts any time, at your convenience.

Social Media

Follow Bernews on social media for news, multimedia, and discussion.

Business Directory

Access phone numbers & addresses from local businesses while on the go.

Photo of the Day

Instantly access our stunning Photo of the Day series.


Stay ahead of Bermuda's changing weather with a single glance, any time.


Check the times of statuses of flights flying into and out of Bermuda.

Business Directory

Keep Bermuda's businesses close at hand with the Bernews app, which provides you with phone numbers, addresses, and directions to businesses around the island.

  • Access to addresses & phone numbers
  • Directions to businesses via Google Maps
  • Click-to-call feature makes contact easy
  • Save your favourite listings for future reference

Videos & Podcasts

Experience the very best of Bermuda's vibrant sights and sounds with our multimedia options, including the Bernews current affairs podcast and hundreds of local videos.

  • Listen to the Bernews podcast on the go
  • Easy, well-organized access to hundreds of videos
  • All content accessible within the app
  • Podcast and videos updated regularly

Weather, Flights, Photos & More

Keep an eye on the latest local forecasts, check flight statuses and times, and experience Bermuda's beauty daily via the Bernews 'Photo of the Day,' all with the Bernews app.

  • Instant access to the Bernews 'Photo of the Day'
  • Local forecasts keep you ahead of the weather
  • Check flight statuses and schedules, any time
  • Weather, flight data, and photos updated daily

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Breaking news alerts, photos, videos, podcasts, business directory & more!

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